Dear Friends,

As many of you know, Square One has a long, fascinating history. From our humble beginnings as the Industrial House of Laundry in 1883, we have evolved into one of the region’s largest non-profit organizations, serving thousands of children and families each year. It is safe to say that few, if any, other organizations in our community have impacted the number of children and families that we have during our 136 year history. 

Evolution is a tricky thing. It involves knowing when to take a calculated risk and how to respond to changes that are beyond our control. It involves paying close attention to the changing needs of the community and fulfilling our responsibility to respond to those changes.

This is precisely what we did in 2006 when we expanded beyond early education and care, adding family support programs. From there, we added workforce development initiatives and more recently, around-the-clock child care programming for families in need of care during non-traditional work hours.

Fortunately, we have the kinds of partners and high-level staff and Board volunteers who not only support our position in the community, but also work to identify new opportunities for us to continue to realize our vision where all children and families are positioned for success.

I’m eager to share that in the weeks ahead, we will be announcing our latest endeavors and opportunities to better serve our community. My team and I are excited. We know you will be, too.


Joan Kagan

President & CEO