Next Level
for Employers

A groundbreaking community initiative to expand childcare to all hours of the day.

Square One has identified that our community is evolving and the need for second-shift, third-shift, and weekend childcare is in demand more than ever. We are proud to partner with organizations such as MGM Springfield, Baystate Health, Smith & Wesson, FOCUS, and others on our newest initiative, Square One: Next Level.

Square One is taking it to the Next Level and your organization and employees stand to benefit.  By launching our overnight and weekend home-based family childcare, Square One is offering a unique opportunity to employers who can now offer this benefit to their employees. We acknowledge the challenge associated with recruiting and retaining staff for nontraditional hours. What if it could be easier? We’re here to help.  Join us in our groundbreaking expansion and purposeful alignment to our community’s needs.

The Ways You Can Get Involved

  • Notify existing staff who may be considering new employment options, of this new service as part of your hiring and retention efforts.
  • As part of your benefits package to second-shift, third-shift and weekend workers, make childcare a key component. Help offset costs by subsidizing care for your staff.
  • Come be a part of a community-based initiative to support families. Partner with qualified, committed, local business owners with a passion for children and families specialized for your organization.

Download and distribute the Square One: Next Level flyer to your staff.