Base Salary:
$13.65 hr
Bargaining Unit Position
Job Description:


  1. Be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Possess high school diploma or equivalent.
  3. Possess valid Massachusetts Class III driver license for at least three (3) years.  Possess valid Massachusetts 7D driver license or have the ability to obtain such a license.
  4. Possess valid CPR & First Aid Training Certificate.
  5. Ability to produce successfully completed Background Record Check and driving record check through the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  6. Defensive driving skills.
  7. Ability to read and understand local street maps.  Knowledge of Springfield and surrounding community streets.
  8. Have the personal qualities to interact appropriately with parents and children; have the ability to maintain order during the routes.
  9. Have the physical capabilities to bend, lift and secure children requiring such assistance.
  10. Punctual, dependable and ability to work split shifts.


1.  Performs daily safety check of vehicle and equipment, reporting any problems to Transportation Supervisor or van driver in charge immediately.

2.  Ensures that vehicle has adequate gasoline prior to beginning route.

3.  Reports any mechanical failures, repair or maintenance needs or supply replacement immediately to Transportation Supervisor or van driver in charge.

4.  Delivers and pick-up the vehicle for scheduled and emergency maintenance.

5.  Completes daily mileage log and expense logs.

6.  Completes daily route reports and de-briefs appropriate staff regarding issues, concerns, absences, problems.

7.  Deals effectively with behavior problems during the route.  Reports any problems or concerns immediately to Transportation Supervisor or van driver in charge.

8.  Assists in seating and belting children upon entry to vehicle as specified in Department of Motor Vehicle booklet for 7D drivers.

9.  Assists in unbelting and exiting the vehicle as needed and as specified in Department of Motor Vehicle booklet for 7D drivers.

10.  Implements agency transportation policies and procedures as set-out in the transportation contract established by Square One.

11.  Releases children only to individuals identified as approved for release; contact the office when in question.

12. Returns child to site of placement when no approved release person is available to take child in afternoon.

13.  Contacts Corporate Office immediately when an emergency situation arises.

14.  Additional duties as assigned by the Transportation Supervisor.