Supervised Visitation Program

Square One’s Supervised Visitation Program provides a safe and child-friendly environment for visits between parents and their child or children under the supervision of the supervised visitation coordinator. We serve families who are in recovery from substance use and domestic violence, whose children are being raised by custodial parents.  This program will help families to maintain and strengthen the bond between parent and child with the goal of reunification. By fully observing parent-child interaction and providing coaching and information for parents on positive interaction with their child, parents will improve on their parenting skills, learn appropriate play behavior and help in developing positive relationships with their children.

Visits are held at Square One, where the visitation coordinator will watch and listen during the entire visit. The Supervised Visitation Coordinator documents observations and offers assistance as needed to ensure appropriate parent/child interactions. After the visit, there will be support to all visiting parents to debrief and coach.


Square One’s Supervised Visitation is located at 1095 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01103. Visitations will be held in the family room on the first floor.

For more information please contact:

Melissa Blissett
VP of Family Services
(413) 858-3109