• Be at least 16 years of age and actively enrolled in an approved EEC vocational program in Early Childhood Education or must be 18 years of age with a High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Have the personal qualities to work with school-age children under supervision. and the ability to relate well to children, parents, staff and the community in which the children live: bi-lingual where appropriate.
  • Relates well with children and staff.
  • Able to successfully complete a Background Record Check.
  • Must be First-Aid and CPR Certified and meet the EEC health care requirements.


  • Cooperates with Group Leader in planning. implementing and evaluating program activities.
  • Assumes full responsibility for the group and the program in the absence of the Group Leader.
  • Keeps the designated spaces, equipment and supplies clean and in order.
  • Plans and arranges all necessary materials for daily activities in conjunction with the Group Leader.
  • Provides care and protection for all children in the Center.
  • Accesses community and program resources to help develop the SACC program.
  • Maintains program records as required.
  • Attends staff and parent meetings. as scheduled.
  • Participate in parent conferences, as scheduled.
  • Communicates with the Site Coordinator, or other designated persons, pertinent information with regard to families and children.
  • Maintains a sound positive working relationship with parents, staff, and other adults within the Center.


To the Group Leader/Site Coordinator

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