1. Master’s Degree in Social Work, or related field plus 3 years of experience working with families in the community.
  2. Experience supporting whole families in their paths towards treatment and recovery from opiate use disorders– most especially pregnant and parenting women
  3. Two years of supervisory experience or demonstrated leadership skills are require
  4. Ability to multitask, strong attention to detail and organization; ability to prioritize and complete tasks prior to deadlines.
  5.  Ability to work cooperatively and as a member of a team. Must conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.
  6.  Currently trained, or ability to be trained, as a Recovery Coach Supervisor
  7.  Demonstrated ability to understand and respond to the needs of families from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  8.  Desire to continually learn and improve skills through training and use of reflective supervision.
  9.  Requires reliable transportation to travel participants’ homes and training programs throughout the area.
  10.  Computer proficiency required.
  11.  Bilingual skills in both English & Spanish are strongly preferred.
  12.  Flexible hours are necessary.

The First Steps Together Supervisor will provide leadership and responsibilities which include directing, coordinating, supporting and evaluating the performance of Family and Recovery Support Specialists to achieve other administrative duties. The First Steps Together Supervisor will mentor new staff, holding reflective supervisions with designated staff, and reviewing documentations and records. All work is to be completed with minimum supervision and in accordance with organizational standards.

  1. Provide reflective supervision and support to Family and Recovery Support staff, according DPH and SAMHSA
  2. Engage families in home visiting services using a strength-based approach and according to MHVI and Parents at Teachers requirements.
  3.  Provide reflective supervision to Recovery and Transitional Family Support Staff to support peer recovery education and support to families according to DPH and SAMHSA requirements.
  4.  Support Recovery and Transitional Family Support Staff to use a formal goal-setting process to help families articulate family goals for recovery and reentry through one-on-one meetings.
  5.  Work collaboratively and coordinate community partnerships with other providers to support evidence-based services to families in recovery.
  6.  Regularly review and analyze electronic and paper records of program participants to ensure compliance with necessary data requirements and to ensure quality of services being provided.
  7.  Pursue ongoing professional development, including training through DPH and SAMHSA as well as other needed trainings.
  8.  Take a leadership role in planning, preparation and providing parent groups by assigning staff to needed tasks and ensuring overall oversight.
  9.  Shadow Family Support Staff to ensure program quality is maintained and quality improvement measures are taken as needed.
  10.  Coordinate and Provide weekly team meetings.
  11.  Evaluate Family Support Staff’s performance according to Square One policies and procedures.
  12.  Actively participate in required trainings and meetings as determined by Square One and DPH and SAMHSA
  13.  Maintain the strictest confidentiality of documents, discussions, resources and information when working with families.
  14.  Perform other duties assigned by the First Steps Together Coordinator.

Physical Demand
1. Ability to stand or sit for long periods of time during working hours and on special occasions.
2. Ability to effectively utilize computer software programs with proven ability to have manual dexterity to maintain specific
databases and reports.
3. Excellent auditory, verbal and sensory skills and abilities.
4. Ability to travel by conventional means including motor vehicle and the like within the state and to other regions as required

Mental/ Visual Demand
1. High attention to detail involving normal mental and visual attention.

Working Conditions
1. Professional business office setting.