Qualifications Lead Preschool Teacher

Have the personal qualities to work with children under supervision and the ability to relate to parents and staff

Bi-lingual skills (Spanish/English)

21 years of age

Meet the Office of Child Care Services Certification requirements for Pre-School Lead teacher.

Have an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field.

Possess valid CPR & First Aid Training Certificate.


Plans, develops and implements the daily program designed to meet the social, health, emotional,

Cognitive and physical needs of children within the framework of the stated policy of the Agency.

Provides for the care and protection of all children in the Center.

In order to meet individual and group needs, evaluates appropriateness and effectiveness of activities and routines within the daily schedule.

Maintains an attractive, sanitary, orderly classroom with all equipment and supplies in good condition.

Supervises lunch and nap time in cooperation with teacher or classroom aide.

Provides daily supervision of teacher, classroom aides, and any other auxiliary personnel assigned to the classroom (ex. – foster grandparent, student teacher, interns, volunteers).

Schedules and conducts regular conferences with teachers, aides, and other designated staff to plan and evaluate the program.

Attends all Center staff meetings.

Maintains positive relationships with other occupants sharing space with the program.

Uses community and program resources to develop the educational program.

Maintains classroom records and completes progress reports as required.

Maintains a sound, positive working relationship with parents, staff and other adults in the Center.

Communicates to the Director or other designated individuals’ pertinent information with regard to families and children.

Attends parent meetings as scheduled.

Holds parent conferences in conjunction with Director and/or Parent Worker.

Carries out other duties as designated by Center Director or Office of Child Care Services Regulations.

Supportive Services:

Develops and implements behavior management program appropriate to the needs of children in care.

Responsible for bus monitor duties, as required.

Presents testimony at court proceedings, when required.

Completes progress reports quarterly.


The requirement for a category of study must be met with credits from an accredited institution of higher learning, alternative early childhood training program or with an Early Childhood Continuing Education Unit (CEU). Four CEU’s are equal to three credits, three CEU’s are equal to two credits. CEU’s will not apply to category (a), Child Growth and Development.

Lead Teacher qualifications require 12 credits in at least four categories including three credits in category (a), Child Growth and Development, and two credits in category (b) Planning Programs, (c) Curriculum or (d) Classroom Management.

The study of Early Childhood Education shall be categorized as follows:

(a) Child Growth and Development, Birth-Eight Years.

(b) Planning Programs and Environments for Young Children.

(c) Curriculum for Early Childhood Settings.

(d) Child and Classroom Management.

(e) Advanced or Specialized Early Childhood Education or Development.

(f) Children with Special Needs. Birth – 16 years.

(g) Infant and Toddler Development, Care and/or Program Planning.

(h) Health and Safety in Early Childhood.

(I) Families and Community.

(j) Day Care Policy.

(k) Supervision or Staff Development in Early Childhood Education.

(l) Day Care Administration.

Job Type: Full-time

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