1. Have the personal qualities to work with school-age children and the ability to relate well to parents, staff and the
community in children the children live.

2.a). Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Child
Guidance, Human Services, Physical Education, Recreation, Child Psychology, Social Work, Sociology or
Child Care and have six months’ experience working with children, or
b). Have a Bachelor’s Degree in any field of study listed in 102CMR 11.07 (3) (b) and have one year of
experience working with school-age children or,
c.) Have a high school diploma or equivalent; and have three years of experience working with school age


  • Plan, develop and implement the daily program designed to meet the social- emotional, cognitive and
    physical needs of the children.
  • With the Program Administrator, evaluate the program in reference to programmatic, individual, and
    and children’s developmental needs.
  • Provide a safe and nurturing that promotes curiosity, a love for learning and meets children’s developmental
  • Keep the classroom, equipment and supplies clean and in order.
  • Communicate with the Program Administrator supplies needed to operate the program.
  • Supervise Group Leader, Assistant Group Leader and other auxiliary personnel.
  • Attend professional development opportunities to support professional growth and meet the EEC regulations.
  • Train and supervise volunteers within the program.
  • Plan and implement program staff meetings in conjunction with Program Administrator.
  • Maintain positive relationships with other occupants sharing space with the program.
  • Access community and program resources to supplement and develop the OST program.
  • Maintain program records as required.
  • Maintain positive working relationship with parents, staff and other adults within the program.
  • Communicate with the Program Administrator, or other designated personnel, pertinent information related to
    families and children.
  • Maintain ongoing communication, with all staff members, and the Program Administrator, to ensure seamless
    operation of the program, to build positive relationships and to address any needs of the children, program and
  • Work, in partnership, with outside specialists to support children’s IEP’s and ongoing developmental needs.
    Attend staff and family meetings, as required.

    To the Program Administer

Qualified candidates, please email resume to squareonejobs@sdn.org