Springfield, MA (October 23, 2020) – The Hamre Martin Team of Rovithis Realty, LLC has named Square One a charity of choice for the real estate agency’s charitable giving initiative.

At the closing of each real estate transaction, clients have the opportunity to select a charity to receive a portion of the commission from the transaction. Square One has recently been added to a list of preferred organizations to receive funding.

The designation comes at a critical time as Square One recently expanded its early education program to include full-day remote learning support for children in Kindergarten through grade five, in addition to its traditional pre-school classrooms and family child care offerings.

“Square One is such a vital presence in our community, especially during one of the most challenging years any of us have faced,” says Chris Martin, Team Leader, Hamre Martin Team of Rovithis Realty. “We wholeheartedly support everything Square One does to help our fellow community members in need.”

Funds raised through this undertaking will support Square One’s  Campaign for Healthy Kids  — a multi-year fund development initiative focused on the agency’s commitment to providing healthy meals, physical fitness, social-emotional wellbeing, and a healthy learning environment.

“Having the support of our business community is vital to our success in supporting children and families,” says Kristine Allard, Vice President of Development & Communication at Square One. “We are so grateful to Chris and his team for recognizing importance of our work and the need to support us financially.”

“The past few months have greatly reinforced the demand for our programs and services,” adds Allard.  “With that growing demand and the unanticipated COVID-related expenses — including providing full-day support during remote learning — we have a tremendous need to expand our donor base.”

Square One currently provides early learning services to over 500 infants, toddlers and school-age children each day; and family support services to 1,500 families each year, as they work to overcome the significant challenges in their lives.

To make a donation, text ABC123 to 44-321, visit www.josephb36.sg-host.com, or contact Allard at kallard@josephb36.sg-host.com.