Chief Financial Officer


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and/or related finance degree a minimum requirement and Master’s Degree is preferred.
  • A minimum of 3 to 4 years of experience in accounting (preferably in a non-profit environment) is required. Prior supervisory experience is highly recommended.
  • Experience with Blackbaud Financial Edge is highly recommended.


Responsible for planning, budgeting, implementing, managing and evaluating the financial activities and functions of the organization.  Directly oversees all financial policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems.  Ensure that daily and long term financial disciplines and objectives are created and maintained in order to achieve organizational goals and safeguard assets.


  • Direct and oversee all financial functions including preparation of budgets, audits, accounting, purchasing, financial forecasting, financial reporting and organizational insurance.
  • Work together with the CEO/President, Board of Directors and Senior Management team to plan and implement strategic direction for the agency.
  • Provide oversight of internal financial policies and procedures consistent with accounting regulations and practices to ensure appropriate fiscal management.
  • Manage all government contracts, private grants and scholarships. Work directly with the Senior Management to create budgets and other financial data necessary to complete proposals for new grant opportunities as necessary.
  • Prepare and analyze monthly and Year-to-date financial reports. Review financial results with the CEO/President and other appropriate management and discuss recommendations for financial improvements.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports to be presented to the Finance Committee meeting and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Establish and maintain advantageous relationships with lending and other financial institutions.
  • In consultation with the CEO/President and the Investment Committee and in compliance with the Board’s investment policies, direct and oversee the management of the organization’s endowment and other various investments.
  • Provide Senior Management with timely project cost/benefit financial analysis for new ventures or other potential opportunities as deemed necessary and appropriate.
  • Supervise accounting and other fiscal staff to ensure that all financial activities are in alignment with the overall strategic plan. Review accuracy of financial statements, account reconciliations and general ledger.
  • Supervise Accounts Payable Coordinator to ensure accurate tracking, filing and reporting payments by invoice, expense reports, refunds and credits.
  • Oversee procurement activities including proper allocation, expense approval and cost efficient purchasing.
  • Forecast cash flow needs, opportunities for growth, expansion, and cost savings
  • Manage agency liability and risk including insurance policies for health, worker’s compensation, unemployment expenses and umbrella policies.
  • Supervise the Accounts Receivable Clerk to ensure accurate and timely billing procedures are being followed and that fee collection policies and procedures are in place and being adhered to.
  • Supervise payroll and ensure accurate tax reporting
  • Oversee the Family Child Care reimbursement system including CACFP payments and bi-weekly childcare stipends.
  • In consultation with the CEO and President, direct and oversee the development, implementation and control of the agency budget.
  • Ensure compliance to all governmental regulations and requirements as well as compliance to the organization’s own internal policies and procedures.
  • Manage all financial audits including local, state, federal, and external audits as needed
  • Manage preparation and filing of annual 990
  • Prepare year end audited financial statements and the Uniform Financial Report due to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the auditors at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Direct fiscal staff to ensure the organization is properly prepared for the A-133 Single Audit from the external auditors.


  • Supervise the Facilities Director to ensure that all of the organizations centers are safe and secure and that all agency properties and assets are being properly managed, safeguarded and in good condition.
  • Work closely with Facilities Director on capital project management and work to determine the agencies capital budget and facilities projects are being properly prioritized.
  • Supervise Administrative Assistant to ensure efficient operations
  • Attend all meetings and conferences as deemed necessary for the position.
  • Any other duties/responsibilities assigned by the CEO/President.

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