Thousands of visitors to Six Flags New England entered the park on September 21 and 22 carrying boxes upon boxes of diapers! In exchange, Six Flags rewarded them with a free ticket to enjoy the park.

The annual drive to support the children served by Square One was an overwhelming success, again this year. So much so, that Square One and Six Flags had to enlist the help of another community partner to help.

“Anytime our friends at Six Flags arrange an event for us, we know to expect big things,” says Kristine Allard, Chief Development & Communications Officer for Square One. “But the response this weekend was beyond overwhelming! Within the first few hours of the drive, we had exceeded our goal of 600 boxes. By the end of the weekend, the tally reached over 1,000 boxes of diapers! It was amazing!”

Given the abundance of donations, Square One called up the team at ProShred in Wilbraham to enlist their help. They eagerly offered up a box truck and palette jack to help get the diapers delivered to Square One’s offices.

“Without any hesitation, our friends at ProShred offered their help,” adds Allard. “How fortunate this community is to have so many caring and supportive individuals and businesses, like Six Flags and ProShred, who will do everything they can to lend support.”