Good Morning!

At Square One's King Street location, children and families are front and center -- every day and in every way. While waiting for an early morning meeting to begin, Kim Lee, Square One's Vice President of Advancement had the opportunity to watch and listen to the morning greetings that welcome every parent and child to the center. The mission moment below, details her experience.

Behavior in Children

It is truly wonderful to share with our community the many success stories of the children Square One serves. However, we often focus on what Square One is, and must always give equal billing to WHO Square One is and the very real world too many of our children live in. A world filled with the kind of stress that those of us in our good fortune cannot fully appreciate. To better understand, sometimes we need to stop and recognize the emotional reality in which so many of our children live.


The signs of winter’s approach are many. Fallen leaves. Flocks of birds flying south. Frost on your car windshield. Holiday decorations in the stores.

In our region, one sure sign that winter is coming can be found wherever you find an oak tree. Squirrels – by the hundreds – are darting about, gathering acorns with single-minded focus and working furiously to store them away in preparation for a long winter season. Judging by the number of squirrels I’ve seen this year and the intensity of their work, they seem to know that this coming winter will be a tough one.

"This is kind of like Christmas"

In the past 18 months alone, children have taken more than 12,000 books home from Book It shelves. Having books to read at home helps young children to build early literacy skills…