In response to the alarming rate of lead poisoning in Springfield, Square One will be working with Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc. on a home visiting initiative designed to identify at-risk families, provide resources to those affected by lead poisoning, and prevent future cases. The Department of Public Health recently announced an award of $49,473 to support this endeavor.

Our program will provide assistance to families through home education and support for health needs as well as navigating available services for lead abatement.  This award will work in conjunction with the City of Springfield's new National Disaster Resilience funding, for which Partners for Healthier Communities and Square One will provide services for outreach, referrals and education.

Springfield has the highest risk for lead poisoning in the state with a score of 21.5 compared to 9.4 for all high-risk communities and 2.8 for Massachusetts as a whole.