Kimberley Lee, Vice President of Square One happily accepts a check from Susan Jaye Kaplan, President and Founder of Link to Libraries. Funding from Link to Libraries, made possible through a grant, will allow Square One to purchase additional books, learning materials and improve technology for its summertime out of school programming. Currently, Square One, through its summer program, serves 64 elementary school age children who are homeless or living in the state’s foster care system.

“The funding Link to Libraries contributed is critical in our ability to provide a reading-rich environment for this extremely vulnerable population of children. Most of whom are without access to home libraries or books of their own. The books we have purchased are brand new and represent a variety of popular titles and themes. Link to Libraries is a vital partner in our work to stem learning loss for a group of children who are at highest risk for low reading levels and educational outcomes.” 

Susan Jaye-Kaplan President of Link to Libraries stated, "This literacy-based grant to Square One is part of the Link to Libraries Literacy Technology Grant program 2014. Link to Libraries has donated over 225,000 new books since its inception in May 2008. We are honored to work with Square One, its staff and children."

 For further information on this and other Link to Libraries programs contact 413-224-1031 or