• Mom Squad

    An innovative program that puts DTA cash recipients to "work" through the availability of community service hours by volunteering with the community agencies listed in the Department of Transitional Assistance’s community service data base.

  • Family Square

    A safe and welcoming space in the heart of the South End neighborhood for parents to gather and participate in activities and services to develop parenting, educational and basic life skills.  On-site social workers, open hours for play groups, computer use, information and referral as well as topic specific workshops and groups.  All programs are free and open to the community; monthly calendar of events is available.

Mission Moments

  • As we age, our ability to remember (and retain) people, places and things isn’t always as razor-sharp as we’d like it to be.

  • At Square One's King Street location, children and families are front and center -- every day and in every way.

  • It is truly wonderful to share with our community the many success stories of the children Square One serves.

Laundry detergent pods 'delicious looking' to kids, but toxic when eaten

Ingested by an unsuspecting child, the caustic chemicals in single-load laundry packs, marketed under such names as "pods" and "flings," burn the esophagus and stomach, as well as the windpipe, and cause vomiting, and breathing problems.


Link to Libraries Donates to Square One

Kimberley Lee, Vice President of Square One happily accepts a check from Susan Jaye Kaplan, President and Founder of Link to Libraries. Funding from Link to Libraries, made possible through a grant, will allow Square One to purchase additional books, learning materials and improve technology for its summertime out of school programming. Currently, Square One, through its summer program, serves 64 elementary school age children who are homeless or living in the state’s foster care system.

Letter to the Editor from Steve Grande, President, Meridian Industrial Group LLC

To the Editor:

There’s a perception that manufacturing is a dying industry in western Massachusetts, but the reality is quite different. In fact, a fundamental challenge faced by manufacturing companies in the region is finding enough qualified employees who can apply math and science and critical thinking to do technical jobs that are the backbone of manufacturing operations today.

Early Literacy Programming At Square One Shows Measurable Results

Children are inside the classroom having fun and playing games. Throw in some singing, too. What you hear is the sound of young children learning early literacy skills.

A new literacy program in progress at Square One, a multi-service agency for families and children located in Springfield and Holyoke, is based on a successful literacy intervention program, the Massachusetts Reading Corps, a replication of the Minnesota Reading Corps.

Something's Brewing!

It’s Square One’s Tea and we’re hoping you’ll save the date! We know October 2nd is still a few months away, but just like giving children access to a quality early education, we know the earlier the better works!

Square One’s annual Tea is a fun way for you to hear more about the impact of our work while networking with professional men and women from throughout our community, doing a little shopping, and enjoying, you guessed it, tea and refreshments.

Why Counting Sheep Is Important For Young Children

Sleep, we all love it, especially when we wake up from having had a great night's sleep. As adults, we know the important role sleep plays in helping us to “recharge our batteries.” But did you know that a growing body of scientific research supports the crucial role of naps in effective learning for preschoolers?

Why Early Education and Care?

The brain builds 700 neural connections every second the first several years of a child’s life. By age 3, on average, the vocabulary of low-income children is about 500 words, roughly half the size of the 1100-word vocabulary of children whose parents hold professional jobs. Children’s vocabulary at age 3 is strongly correlated with their language skills in third grade.